UltraMIST System for Wound Care

Noncontact, Low-Frequency Ultrasound Therapy Has Been Proven to Expedite Healing

UltraMIST Therapy has been clinically demonstrated to promote healing across a wide range of chronic and acute wounds. Unlike most wound therapies that are limited to treating the wound surface, the UltraMIST System delivers low-frequency ultrasound to the treatment site using a noncontact fluid (e.g., saline). MIST Systems produce a low energy ultrasound-generated mist to promote wound healing through wound cleansing and maintenance debridement by the removal of fibrin, yellow slough, tissue exudates, and bacteria.

Administered by trained healthcare personnel to thousands of patients for more than a decade and supported by a vast array of clinical evidence, the UltraMIST System’s acoustic wave therapy promotes healing by controlling inflammation and reducing bacteria in the wound bed while increasing angiogenesis. Further, to promote healing, it increases perfusion through vasodilation, ultimately increasing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.

How UltraMIST Works

In action, the UltraMIST System mechanically removes barriers and promotes healing in a wide range of wound types. Indications include, but are not limited to, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical, burn, and deep tissue injuries. It also reduces and removes a wide range of bacteria, including biofilms, while preserving healthy structures.


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